Emergency First Aid & CPR Training

Get Red Cross certified and WSIB approved Emergency-Level First Aid Certification. Master critical first aid skills through our online, in-class hybrid program designed to provide comprehensive training and practical knowledge. Our partner-led course ensures you are trained by the best in the field, meeting all Ontario standards.

Welcome to our Emergency-Level First Aid Certification course, a Red Cross certified first aid course offered in partnership with WSIB-approved providers. This certification is a valuable life skill and a crucial requirement for completing the Ontario Security Guard Training, ensuring you're prepared to handle a variety of emergency situations.

Our comprehensive course equips you with the knowledge and skills to confidently respond to emergencies. You'll gain hands-on experience in CPR and AED usage, transforming you into a certified first responder. Our course is designed as a hybrid program, combining the flexibility of online learning with the practicality of in-person training.

Online Component

Dive into the theoretical aspects of first aid with our online first aid course, designed for you to learn at your own pace. It covers essential principles of first aid, different types of medical emergencies, and appropriate response strategies. Our interactive online platform, complemented by extensive course materials, guarantees a solid theoretical foundation.

In-Class Component

Experience first aid in action with our in-person first aid training sessions. Guided by certified trainers, you'll navigate real-life scenarios to apply and perfect your first aid skills. This practical experience is vital for building confidence and proficiency in real-world situations.


Our course is accessible across several locations, including Brampton, Mississauga, Scarborough, Oakville, Burlington, and Toronto.


Upon successful completion, you'll receive an Ontario recognized first aid certification from our Red Cross certified and WSIB-approved partner. This certification, valid for 3 years, verifies that you have met the necessary standards in Emergency-Level First Aid. A digital certificate will also be available in your account. Please note, 100% attendance is required for completion of this program.

Enroll today in our Emergency-Level First Aid Certification course. Gain the essential skills to protect yourself and those around you during a health crisis, and take a significant step towards becoming a more competent and confident security guard. Your journey towards a rewarding career in security starts here.

Emergency-Level First Aid Certification
Preparing to respond
The EMS system
Check, Call, Care
Airway emergencies
Breathing and Circulation emergencies
First aid for respiratory and cardiac arrest
Wound care

8 hours


Online + in-class

Security Training
Ontario Security Guard Training Course is NOT included.