Top 8 Reasons to Become a Security Guard

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Published: April 23, 2024

You've probably thought about becoming a security guard, but you are not totally convinced it's the best choice for you. But hold up - have you considered all the benefits that come with the job? Security guard job offers a lot more upside than you might think at first glance.

Top Reasons to Become a Security Guard

In this article, we'll walk through the top 8 reasons you should seriously look at pursuing a career as a security guard. Stick with us through all 8 factors that make becoming a security guard an attractive profession - you just may be swayed into giving it a shot after all. There are some key advantages you're overlooking that could make it an ideal fit based on what you value in a job. Keep an open mind as we discuss the main benefits, so you can make an informed decision about whether it may be time to get your security guard license after all.

If you have made up your mind to become a security guard and need more information on how to become one in Ontario, Canada, we have added a list of resources in the last section.

Job Stability and Growth Opportunities

The security industry is growing fast, which means plenty of job openings and chances for career progression. Once you have the necessary security guard training and license to land an entry-level role, the opportunities are endless.

With a few years of experience under your belt, you'll be in high demand and able to find new opportunities with ease.

The security field provides rewarding long-term work with many options for career growth. With hard work and persistence, the sky's the limit!

Variety of Work Environments

As a security guard, you get to experience many different work environments. One day you could be patrolling a museum, the next a corporate office building. The variety keeps things interesting!

Office buildings, retail stores, and warehouses are common spots for security guards. You get to interact with people coming and going, monitor surveillance equipment, and do regular patrols to ensure everything is secure. The hours may be long, but the steady work and decent pay make up for it.

The variety of places you could work as a security guard means there's an option to suit almost anyone. Museums, special events, residential communities, parks - the list goes on. You'll never be bored with so many opportunities in this growing field. And the experience you gain in one position will make you an even stronger candidate for the next.

Competitive Wages

As a security guard, you can expect to earn a competitive salary for an entry-level position. The average pay for security guards in Canada is $19.46 per hour. Actual wages will depend on factors like your location, experience, and job responsibilities. Many security firms offer opportunities for pay raises and promotions the longer you stay with the company.

Security guard salaries are often higher than minimum wage and provide a stable source of income. The job outlook for security guards is also quite good, with employment expected to grow continuously according to government estimates. 

According to the Private Security and Investigative Services Branch of the Ministry of the Solicitor General, during the fiscal year 2022–2023, the security industry in Ontario, Canada continued to grow in size and complexity, increasing by 13% annually over the past 3 years.

This means security guard positions should remain steadily available.

Wages and benefits for security guards are often quite good relative to the minimal education requirements, but like any other job, this job too comes with risks and challenges. However, for those seeking a stable career with solid pay, becoming a security guard can be a great option.

Chance to Help People

As a security guard, you have the opportunity to help people in your community every day. Protecting people and property is at the core of the job. By maintaining a secure environment, you allow others to go about their business without fear or concern.

Some days it may be assisting employees or visitors with directions or access. Other times it could be deterring criminal behavior or de-escalating tense situations. You never know when your presence and vigilance may prevent an incident or allow someone to feel safe. For many, this chance to serve and protect is one of the most rewarding parts of the role.

As technology and AI automation eliminate some jobs, human security guards are still very much needed to monitor facilities, assist customers, and handle emergency response.

Why Become a Security Guard?

Becoming a security guard means protecting people and places. It's a job with purpose and opportunities to grow. Knowing you contributed to the greater good by maintaining a secure and peaceful environment will keep you motivated at work.

Flexible Scheduling

One of the best reasons to become a security guard is the flexible scheduling. As a guard, you often have the freedom to choose shifts that work with your own personal schedule. Many companies offer day, evening, overnight and weekend shifts. Some even allow you to split shifts if needed.

Security companies understand that guards have lives outside of work. They aim to accommodate scheduling requests whenever possible. If you're in school, have another job, or family responsibilities to juggle, you can likely find guard shifts that complement your availability. You may even be able to pick up extra shifts when you want to earn additional income.

There are many shift options to choose from as a guard. Day shifts typically run during normal business hours. Evening shifts cover after-work hours into the night. Overnight shifts run through the late night and early morning. Weekend shifts provide coverage on Saturdays and Sundays. Some locations operate 24 hours, so they offer shifts around the clock.

Once you start working as a guard, you'll often have the flexibility to switch shifts when needed. As long as you provide adequate notice to your supervisor, you can usually trade shifts with other guards or switch to a different shift for a day or longer. This flexibility allows you to take time off for vacations, handle personal appointments, or respond to family emergencies without losing work hours.

Minimal Education Requirements

Becoming a security guard doesn't usually need a lot of school. You just need to complete a basic security guard training course. This makes it a job that more people can get into. You don't need to spend years in college to qualify. With this requirement, it's accessible to many who might not have advanced degrees.

This job is about keeping things safe and secure, not about having fancy degrees. It's more about skills and being responsible. You will learn about laws or how to use security equipment in the security guard training course, but it's not super hard. And if you're willing to learn, you can get there. Every province has different requirements. 

How to Become a Security Guard in Ontario?

To become a security guard in Ontario, you need to be 18 years old or older, legally entitled to work in Canada, have a clean criminal record, and complete a basic security guard training course. If you meet these requirements, you can pursue a career in security.

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Gain Valuable Skills and Experience

Becoming a security guard is a great way to gain useful experience that translates to many jobs. The day-to-day duties of a security guard provide opportunities to build both soft skills and technical skills that last a lifetime.

Security guards interact with people from all walks of life, from employees and visitors to trespassers and law enforcement. You'll strengthen skills like active listening, de-escalating tense situations through respectful communication, and taking thorough incident reports. These "people skills" are useful in almost any job.

You'll receive training on essential security equipment like surveillance cameras, metal detectors, emergency alert systems, and security vehicles. Becoming proficient in using this technology looks good on any resume. Some guards are also trained in areas like self-defense, CPR, and emergency response.

Security work involves a lot of monitoring for anything out of the ordinary and responding quickly to issues. You develop a keen eye for details and the ability to make pragmatic decisions in the moment. This cultivated mindset of vigilance, critical thinking, and logical problem solving serves you well in many jobs.

As a security guard, you have an important job to do in protecting people and property. This role of responsibility and civic duty fosters essential qualities like dependability, integrity, and work ethic. These enduring character traits will benefit you for life.

Gateway to Law Enforcement or Related Careers

Security guards often use their experience as a pathway into law enforcement or related fields like private investigation. Working as a guard exposes you to many of the situations and skills required in these careers. It’s a chance to see if you have an aptitude for this type of work before investing in training or education.

Many police officers, detectives, and security professionals start out as security guards. The job teaches you important abilities like:

  • Observing your environment and detecting suspicious activity. -Interacting with people from all walks of life in a professional manner.
  • Defusing tense situations through communication and conflict resolution.
  • Maintaining focus and vigilance during long shifts.
  • Physical fitness and the capability to respond quickly to emergencies.

Security companies frequently promote from within, so proving yourself as a guard is an opportunity for career growth. You might move into supervisory roles like security supervisor or account manager. From there, you can pursue law enforcement.

For those interested in law enforcement, working as a guard lets you build related experience to strengthen your application. Many police departments give preference to candidates with security or military experience. You’ll also have a chance to network and look for mentors in the field. Some security companies even have formal programs to help employees transition to law enforcement.

A job as a security guard opens up many possibilities for an exciting and rewarding career protecting people and property. The skills and connections you develop as a guard will serve you well, whatever direction your career may take.

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So there you have it, the top 8 reasons why becoming a security guard could be an awesome career move for you. With great pay, excellent benefits, opportunities to move up, and a chance to help keep people and places safe, it's easy to see the appeal. Sure, the job comes with some risks and challenges, but any worthwhile profession does. At the end of the day, if you're seeking a stable career that lets you protect and serve, and are willing to work hard and stay vigilant, security could be the perfect field. Give it some serious thought - you might just find the job satisfaction and financial security you've been looking for in a uniform. Whatever you decide, best of luck in your career search. Just know that there are brave men and women out there keeping us all safe, and you could become one of them.

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